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Author sponsors Hartsholme Cricket Club

David Hale who writes ‘The Adventures of Dai’ series of children’s books is a keen cricket supporter and loves being involved with club cricket. 

Having played club cricket for many years David also coached Junior cricket teams for Northamptonshire County cricket. Although David has lived in Northampton for many years, he spent his school years in Gainsborough and now has a Lincolnshire and Hartsholme CC connection through his son Mike and his family. 

David says ‘’Every weekend I check out the results and it is really nice to follow the fortunes of the teams and the players’’. 

‘’As a former club coach, I also love to see how clubs like Hartsholme CC encourage their junior teams and young players to progress into the senior sides!’’ 

David believes ‘Proper cricket’ is wholely dependent on grass roots development by clubs as unfortunately cricket within schools has become more limited. As an author of children’s books David has always believed that it is a key thing for children to acquire life skills such as reading and writing as well as sporting skills like cricket at an early age. 

His company Hale Marketing Services have been a sponsor for the last three years. 

David wishes the Hartsholme teams a great 2024 season! If you would like to learn more about his books, then please see – www.adventuresofdai.co.uk

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