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Pre Season Work - 3rd April 2021

With just two weekends to go until the 2021 season starts, we had an extremely busy but successful day at Ashby Avenue.

The new net is now finished, with the gravel boarder helping keep the net tight and ensuring we keep everyone safe during use - huge thanks to all the people who play the Lincoln Lottery as this has paid for the nets refurbishment. If you want to be part of this, you can play for as little as £1 week here.

We have also completed the new BBQ area that will be used to house our BBQ when in use and gives us a much better serving location! A massive thank you must go to new sponsor MKM who donated all the supplies for this.

A very big thank you to Sven Wilkinson and Sam Bunn who spent the day building the BBQ area, Rik Chester for his digging, "bashing" & concrete laying and Rob Thorpe for his excellent supervision in his self-appointed role of foreman.

As ever with these weekends there was also lots of painting to do. Thanks to Jolly, Pumba and Hadley Roberts for their help with this. Even the chairman got involved in the painting - he immediately regretted it, but his effort is still very much appreciated!

Just the small matter of a chain link fence to battle with next weekend before the 2021 season gets under way!!

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