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There’s a lot going on at the HCC ground

You may have noticed! But if not, to keep you in the picture, this is what has been happening: 

Trees - see A on map 

We’ve taken down a whole row of trees that bordered the Jarvis House site boundary. Unfortunately, they had become a touch too tall and were becoming a real hazard, so for safe practice they were removed. The fence was also being held up by those trees so we have installed a brand-new wire fence in its place.

It’s left a bit of an empty landscape, but, courtesy of the Woodland Trust, we now have; dog rose, hawthorn, hazel, crab apple and dogwood saplings to fill the space. They are sat in pots, waiting to be planted in the bank of soil in front of the fencing, come the Autumn. 

Car Park see B 

We’ve filled in the holes in the car park. Hopefully making everyone’s journey into Hartsholme CC a slightly smoother one. Whilst it’s not a permanent solution it does tidy the appearance up a touch and hopefully saves a few bumps along the way. But if you know do of a tarmac spreader; feel free to let us know. 

BBQ see C 

We’ve built a new BBQ area on the long abandoned concrete floor of the former scoreboard. Thanks go out to our new sponsors MKM Building supplies, who provided the bricks, sand, ballast & cement all free of charge! Keep an eye out on our social media pages for upcoming events! Whilst we have already had one successful BBQ, we hope to take further advantage of it when the sun starts shining, and we’d love to see you all there supporting the club! 

Play Park see D 

Over in the corner bordering both HCC and Lincoln United’s ground is the old City of Lincoln Council play park area which had become derelict and little used. 

Whilst the area does not belong to HCC, we are involved with the Hartsholme Community Trust (HCT), a charity established to rebuild and manage the play park area. We look to support what they are doing fully and one of our Committee Members is actually one of their 4 Trustees. 

So far, a MUGA is in place. That’s a Multi-Use Games Area, fenced in for playing games e.g. football, cricket, basketball etc. It’s not yet open to the public as a Community garden is being added. Hopefully when the project is complete it will add another aspect to the whole site and give the community another area to enjoy. 

Netting Facilities see E 

Just before the start of the season, we had Netting specialists Huck Netting, come and have a look at both our fixed and mobile frames. Needless to say, they needed some TLC. With practice facilities being at the heart of both our junior and senior section, we thought it best to invest in an uplift. As such you will see that both nets are professionally fitted with a new high standard netting, along with a general tidy up of the area; including a gravel border, and a compost corner. I won’t bore you with details but the skip we hired was filled very quickly! 

Other minor uplifts have included all of the benches being painted, the main fence being painted and the old rusted site screen being removed and disposed of. 

You may also have seen some sponsor boards and banners erected around the boundary. We love to support local businesses and thankfully it would seem that a few are happy to support us too! If you get the chance to use our local and trusted partners then please do so, their details can all be found on our website. If you know of anyone who would like to become a partner, please get in contact via the website/email or social media. 

I suppose what we are trying to say is, we love our little club, and we hope you do too. We thoroughly believe that aesthetics goes a long way to enjoying an environment fully, and we hope you like the improvements we have tried to offer. This is only the beginning and we look forward to seeing our members enjoying the site as a whole.

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